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Into the Great Solitude 
A Solo Canoe Journey to the Arctic Ocean

57-minutes color video

"I think a story should be a personal thing, not just an account of one day after the next. Those are just the facts. Life is what happens between the facts."

Robert Perkins

In his unique and intimate film journal, Robert Perkins brings alive the barren Arctic tundra. Trading a high-paying job in New York for a solo adventure in this uninhabited wilderness, he travels alone for 72 days in his canoe, Loon, along the 700-mile long Back River, one of Northwest Canada's toughest and most remote waterways.

Filming his own journey with an artist's eye and a deep sensitivity for the environment, he draws us into the open, elemental beauty of the land: its power, its fragility, its mystery. We follow him during the long hours of Arctic twilight, in encounters with wild animals, in battles with strong winds and dangerous rapids.

His isolation also takes him on an inner journey in, which he faces change and death and searches for new perspectives on his relationship with his father. With honesty, humor and insight, INTO THE GREAT SOLITUDE reveals the poetry within the adventure and affirms the resilience of the human spirt.

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