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Pathfinders of the Pacific

59-minutes, color video
(home use only)


"To navigate you must be brave and to be brave you must remember. If I have courage, it is because I have remembered the teachings of my father." Mau Piailug

Among the remote South Pacific Islands, Mau Piailug guides his men aboard their hand-hewn sailing canoes on long ocean passages. Without instruments or charts, he relies solely on his intricate knowledge of the sea and sky: of swells and currents, winds and weather, stars and the natural signs of birds and fish.

In THE NAVIGATORS, Mau gives us an intriguing view of his people, still immersed in the communal traditions of their ancestors and relatively independent of the modern world. On their tiny Island, Satawal, they create large ocean-worthy canoes, totally from native materials. These skills form a legacy begun thousands of years ago by daring Polynesian Explorers who travelled vast ocean distances to settle the widely scattered islands of the Pacific.

On Satawal, the people have kept this heritage alive. But with the increasing Western influence, Mau fears that the next generation will lose their unique sea knowledge. Mau and a handful of other men may be the last keepers of the ancient secrets of Polynesian navigation.

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