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The Hurricane Island Outward Bound School

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"We are better than we know. If we could only be made to see it, we'd be unwilling to settle for anything less."

"Can I do it, can I really do it? Do I have the physical power? Do I have the mental power?"
Outward Bound Participants

On a small boat off the rocky coast of Maine, eight Outward Bound students stare into thick, unrelenting fog. Can they navigate safely to land by nightfall? For 10 days they face a variety of challenges: climbing up and rappelling down an 80 ft. cliff, taking a daily early-morning plunge into icy waters, working together with people of differing ages and backgrounds, filming their own 3-day solo experiences. It will take a combination of newly learned skills and risk-taking, self-trust and teamwork, courage and perseverance.

OUTWARD BOUND gives an intimate view of people testing their limits; sharing their thoughts and feelings; becoming part of the action, the fun, the discomforts, the victories. This film portrays the experience that makes each Outward Bound course a unique personal adventure.

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Outward Bound is a non-traditional outdoor education program designed to bring out the best in people. In a safe, yet challenging environment, it provides a powerful and positive channel for personal growth. Through direct hands-on experiences, students learn new skills, extend themselves physically and mentally, work cooperatively with others, and gain a sense of self-esteem and achievement.


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